Memorial Day "MURPH"

Hello CFK Family!

Next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend (May 28th is the official holiday date). Starting at 10:00AM on the 28th we, as an entire box, will perform "Murph." Boxes all across the country will be doing the same workout as an act of solidarity in honor of our fallen countrymen and women.  When the workout seems to be it's most grueling, remember that the struggle of a WOD pales in comparison to the sacrifices many have made for our freedoms.

After the workout, there will be a Memorial Day pool party at Dan's* house. We ask everyone attending to bring a dish. The time and address will be on the announcement board at the box.

We hope to see everyone Monday, May 28th @ 10:00AM!!!!


*Dan is the member of the month! <3 Everyone say "THANKS DAN!!!!!"

Jamie Plummer