Hey CKF Family,

You might've noticed on our boards, words like "Team Paleo" "Team Macros" and "Team Keto." Well these are real teams, each with the drive, and purpose of developing some healthy nutrition alternative lifestyles!

Change is often scary, but with friends and family behind you, cheering you on, sometimes what was a mountain, you discover is actually an anthill!

Starting Monday July 2nd, we will begin a 6 month nutrition journey. With the help of your teammates, we will collect measurements, and track progress, and results.  At the 3 month mark, we will declare a semi-winner, and then a 6 month overall winner. Within the next week, make plans to record your starting numbers.  There will be monthly weigh-ins/measurements, and information should be communicated to your nutrition leader.

Remember, while we will be tracking numbers, do not get lost, or tunnel visioned on them. No two people are made the exact same, so your numbers might be different. If you feel your body performing better, and see results that make you feel like you are achieving your goal, then your are doing the challenge correctly!

Good Luck to everyone,

And my the carbs be ever in your favor!

Jamie Plummer