All of our trainers are Level 1 certified, which means they’ve been trained in the fundamentals of Crossfit. They understand proper movement, primary points of performance, program safety and efficiency.

Jamie Plummer.jpg

Jamie Plummer, Owner

As the owner of Crossfit Kernersville Jamie's goal is for the gym to be built around Fitness, Family, and Community. Referring to himself as a "HomeBoy" Jamie was born and raised in Winston Salem and has stayed in the Kernersville area his whole life. Here he lives with his beautiful wife and 3 boys. His first Crossfit workout was in February 2011; which is when he fell in love with Crossfit and wanted to bring it to Kernersville Community. Crossfit Kernersville started later that year in November. He loves the challenge of getting through each workout, the feeling of accomplishment afterwards, and most of all the community of people that is there pushing you through.

Jamie enjoys playing tennis and making farmhouse tables in his spare time.

If Jamie could have a Super Power it would be to fly.

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Nathan Keil

Originally from Culver City, California Nathan has spent the majority of his life in the Triad. A four time Crossfit Regional Athlete Nathan has a passion for fitness and helping people reach their fitness goals. He has been coaching and working one-on-one with athletes ever since he found Crossfit in 2011. Nathan says the reason he loves Crossfit is because, "It provides the perfect environment to face challenges, find success, and measure improvements."

Outside of Crossfit Nathan enjoys good food, action movies, and spending time with friends and family. 

If Nathan could have a Super Power it would be the ability to fly. 

Rick S 2.jpg

Rick Shaefer 

Rick is originally from Cary, NC and moved to Kernersville for a job in Industrial Textiles in 2014. He has always been active especially running and swimming, but had trouble staying consistent with a weightlifting or conditioning program. He found CrossFit in 2015 while looking for something that would help him put on some weight and muscle. He came for the workouts, and stayed for the Crossfit Kernersville family. It also doesn't hurt that his 5k and 10k run times have steadily improved over the past three years despite spending less time long distance running. When the  opportunity to take the CrossFit Level One course with Coach Chris came up, he decided to get his certificate so he could give back to the Crossfit Kernersville community as a coach. 

If Rick could have a Super Power it would be Telekinesis.

Chris Cameron.jpg

Chris Cameron

Chris came to CrossFit Kernersville in 2012 after moving to the area for work...a desk job. Having played high school football and working a physical full time job in college, being busy had (poorly) taken the place of being fit. After sampling several local and chain gyms he discovered a need more something more exciting and effective. Enter CFK. After being bruisingly humbled by his first workout (“Kalsu”) he had found a way to constantly challenge himself and a CrossFit family that prides itself on supporting and encouraging others to do the same. As a people person that values hard work and fellowship, it was a short road from trying CrossFit to coaching CrossFit.

If he could have a Super Power, Chris would choose superhuman strength...come on you’re on CrossFit box’s’ website.



TK grew up in east Tennessee where he was actively involved in athletics winning the state basketball championship. He later moved to High Point, NC in 2004 after meeting his wife Danielle. Together they have 3 boys. TK began Crossfit in 2012 where he fell in love with the community. TK says, "I love to coach people because, I love to help people. My biggest thrill is seeing people do things they didn't think were possible just by having someone believe in them and pushing them to be awesome." 

If TK could have a Super Power is would be to take people's pain away. Also, to be shredded and be able to eat anything.